Make money by writing an e-book about what you know

Your wetware is valuable. (Your wetware is the squishy gray stuff inside your head.)

Take a few minutes to sit down and write a list of everything you like to do, know how to do and have experience doing. Write down everything you can think of. If you’re a parent of a special needs child, write it down. If you homeschool, if you know how to do a particular craft, if you excel at a sport, or know how to play guitar or another instrument well, if you know how to speak a foreign language fluently, if you are really good at math; those are all things that you can package and market to people looking to learn and do those things.

One of the best feelings in the world is making money for yourself on something you are good at. The accomplishment that comes with that is hard to beat, and if you work at it, you can turn it into an actual business that is easy to start, doesn’t involve a lot of time once the initial work is done, and can last a long time.

One great way to sell information is to write an e-book. Don’t let that intimidate you because it’s not as hard as some think it is. It just involves some organization, and a little bit of work and you can out together an instructional e-book that you can then market in a variety of ways. Once your e-book is written, you can give it away as a bonus for people to sign up for your mailing list, or have others help you sell it by putting it into eJunkie. This lets you easily manage affiliate payments (“their cut”) to those who help you sell your e-book.