How Financial Freedom Can Add Years To Your Life

Many people feel completely out-of-control when it comes to money.

Our society used to operate on the barter system, which traded goods and services for other goods and services. Before money existed, it was up to you and the person you were doing business with to negotiate a fair trade of worthy items as a form of payment. Some people still do business this way individually but all businesses in general require our current currency system as methods of payments for goods and services.

We need money for everything! In order to pay our bills, buy food to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear, etc. If we want to live a relatively full and healthy life, we have to spend more money. The salary of the working class is not high enough to meet all of these needs, therefore, people turn to borrowing money. They open credit card accounts, take out loans and essentially spend more than they are able to pay back. Current statistics show that over 41% of people who suffer from symptoms of anxiety and depression list financial reasons as the main cause. The emotional stress that comes from issues with money can cause loss of sleep, weight gain and many other unhealthy habits.

If you are looking to enhance your life and overall happiness, you should deal with any lingering money issues as soon as possible. Analyze your income and your spending habits in order to determine where you can afford to save more money. List all debts and pinpoint ways in which you can take money you are currently spending frivolously and apply it to money that you currently owe. When you are able to make money and put it away for savings or making a big purchase in cash, you will truly experience financial freedom and increase your overall happiness in life.

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