Is making money worth it if you aren't feeling good about it?

I was talking with a colleague today after finding out that he likes developing websites. We were chatting about domain names that he had snagged.

One of them dealt with fights that break out in stadiums. He hadn’t really developed the site that much, even though there were some really easy ways to do so. He was concerned about liability, but others might be concerned about promoting violence, ill will, or just unproductive activities.

He just didn’t feel good about making money off of that idea.

Recognizing this feeling, and listening to it, is very important. If a money-making opportunity presents itself, and something about it just doesn’t feel right, then it really isn’t worth the toll it will take on your conscience. Any enjoyment you get out of that money will be clouded by how you made it.

Everyone has different lines that they won’t cross, but there are good ways to make money that you’ll feel good about.