Make money blogging about what you know and enjoy

Everyone is an expert in something, and everyone has something to share that could be of use to someone else.

Blogging about a hobby is something that (a) is enjoyable and (b) can make you money. Do these steps and you’ll be off to a good start:

  1. Register a domain name that’s closely related to your hobby.
  2. Get some webhosting like Hostgator to put up a WordPress blog easily. (Hostgator has a great one-click installation.)
  3. Write good posts about your hobby and promote them.
  4. Once there are a number of posts on the site, sign up for Google Adsense or affiliate programs like those offered through FlexOffers and start monetizing your traffic.
  5. Even better, start up a mailing list through AWeber and build an opt-in mailing list that you can market to. When the level of content gets high, then you can begin to write your own products to help people enjoy the hobby more and learn how to do it better.

Starting up a website is empowering. You’ll build up extra income and have a fall-back position in the works in case your primary job goes away. It takes away a lot of stress knowing that you have an income stream “on the back burner” – in something you already enjoy!