Make money off of your love of writing

Did you write short stories in school that were well-received? Is creating fictional worlds and placing characters in them what you like to do? It doesn’t matter what the reason was for why you did this. If you’re good at it, you can make money at it.

Getting something published prior to the explosion of the Internet was a trying process. Now it’s actually quite easy to publish just about anything for sale – in paperback format, in e-format, or both! My wife published her work of Civil War historical fantasy earlier this year, and has sold quite a few copies on Amazon through Create Space. Some of her friends bought the book, reviewed it, and now the with almost no promotion the Amazon marketing engine has taken over.

The main point is this, though: My wife loves to write. Always has. And now she’s getting paid for it. All of the research, the character sketches, the conversations, the maps, the editing, the pondering, and of course the writing are things she was doing anyway just because she likes to create. Now that creation process has turned into something that will provide us (but especially her) an income stream that is the best kind: passive! Royalties are passive, and the more she writes – she’s already onto the second book now – the more she can cross-promote and build readership, and the bigger that passive income stream will become.

Do you have a novel in you? Write it and publish it! Don’t know if you do? Try National Novel Writing Month or your own version of it. Get it out of your head and into your computer.